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From the very beginning.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Environmental protection and sustainability have been high on our agenda for years. Ziegler is environmentally certified to ISO 14001 and energy management certified to ISO 50001.


The reduction of energy and water consumption as well as the use of materials is an integral part of our corporate policy.

  • REUSE:

We return edge waste to the production cycle whereever possible. The use of PET recycled fibres from production waste can also be realised.


PET bottles are collected and recycled in the closed PET circulation. They are pressed and then shredded to form so-called PET flakes. From these, a granulate is obtained that serves as a starting point for the production of polyethylene staple fibres. These fibres are the raw material for the nonwoven production.

Sustainable products

  • Automotive acoustics

Our acoustic products have a recyclate content of up to 80%. They also have a high purity. Several product functions can be combined in one component – with weight-saving use of material. The use of polylactide fibres is also feasible.

  • Automotive seating

Today, our seating products have a recycling content of up to 55%. Individual products are pure. Our goal is to further increase the recycling content in new products as well as to develop further products for a pure product with the upper material.

  • Composites

The Ziegler absorption nonwovens for composite production are made 100% of recycled material.

  • Furniture

Our furniture materials are pure and certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 class 1. They contain up to 80% recycled fibres.

We also offer solutions with biodegradable fibres.                                                             Please contact us!

  • Insulation

Many insulation materials are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 and are pure. They have a recyclate content of up to 80%.

Our HACObond® products have been certified according to the German eco-label "Blue Angel". They are odourless, have low emissions and are perfectly suitable for indoor insulation.

blauer umweltengel für hacobond®

Unsere HACObond®-Produkte wurden mit dem Blauen Umweltengel ausgezeichnet. Sie sind geruchs- und emissionsarm und gesundheitlich unbedenklich für den Einsatz in Innenräumen.