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Automotive Seating

Maximum comfort in every situation.

Anti-aging for automotive seats.

For nearly two decades, Ziegler has been offering laminations as well as undersewing materials for leather seats. The variety of our products makes the right material possible in every place, precisely tailored to meet the different requirements for standard, sport or climate seats. Ziegler materials ensure

  • smooth appearance and minimisation of creases

  • optimum sewability

  • permanently improved seat quality

  • reduced scrap costs

Many of our products impress through a high recycled fibre content.

As a development partner of our customers, we are currently developing functional laminating materials for fabrics, microfibre surfaces and synthetic leather.

Talk to us!

Your wishes are individually implemented.

A high-quality jacket always has a perfect lining, a high-quality car seat an "inner lining" from Ziegler. Whether casual or sporty upholstery, whether undersewing or laminating: our materials fit. Perfectly.

Our HACOtex® and HACOflex®products are suitable for laminated and sewed applications. The innovative, multi-layer HACOtex® products ensure optimal design support and good sewability – even with narrow radii and flat seams. With HACOflex®, you are on the safe side for a high 0-mile quality and excellent durability when it comes to leather lamination.

Together with you, we also develop new products – tailored precisely to your requirements. Through our worldwide, highly qualified sales network, we support you where you need us.

Lifecycle Assessment

How can we reduce our carbon footprint? How do we achieve closed material cycles? We are working intensively on these challenges.

Currently we are reaching recycling contents of up to 55% in existing seat products and are working on a further increase. For this purpose, we are developing a new product portfolio under the name Green Line. Together with our customers, we are also working on solutions for a single variety of seating nonwoven and upper material.