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Combined with laminating materials.

HACOtex® is laminated on one or both sides with the material of your choice. The core material can be a voluminous nonwoven or a needle-punched nonwoven. It is combined with foil, knitted scrim, circular knit scrim and textiles of all types.


  • guarantees high acoustic absorption

  • can be welded and made self-adhesive

  • can be sewn well even with tight radii and satisfies all design aesthetics

  • simplifies upholstery, as covers are easier to sew and/or fabrics and leathers are easier to cover

  • can take any desired surface condition

  • provides strength and prevents wear 

  • avoids fiber migration due to lamination, also minimizes friction between nonwoven and fabric/leather


The direct and personal contact with our customers is one of the factors behind our success. When creating prototypes and new developments, we form special project teams with fixed contact persons.