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composite materials

HACOloft® PP Core.

Used in the manufacture of composites in automotive manufacture, in wind turbine engineering, in construction and in aerospace.

Due to their coarse and open structure, the core materials allow an optimum resin flow, good drapability for complex shapes and good pressure stability.

They are ideal for closed procedures such as RTM, RTM light and infusion.

Use of HT type for highest flow velocities with limited time and viscous resin.

HACOloft® overlay nonwoven.

The additional use of surface veils facilitates an optimal surface appearance due to their fine and homogeneous structure. Use of PAN type for demanding surfaces, use of ox. PAN for increased requirements on flame retardancy.

HACOloft® absorption nonwoven.

Breather nonwovens absorb excess resin. They can be used in one or more layers and ensure uniform airflow and excellent formability.

Due to their uniform and open structure, breather nonwovens ensure uniform vacuum distribution across the entire component.