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Automotive Seating

Upper material / leather lamination

So that everything runs smoothly.

For nearly two decades, Ziegler has been offering laminations as well as undersewing materials for leather seats. Insert seat parts have different requirements than seat side bolsters: the variety of our products makes the right material possible in every place.

Precisely tailored to meet the different requirements for standard, sport or climate seats. Ziegler materials offer optimal sewability. This improves the seat quality and reduces scrap costs.

Leather lamination.

High-quality seat covers made of genuine leather look good, feel pleasant and are sustainable. Unfortunately this natural product tends to crease in everyday use. In heavily stressed seat parts, the leather is stretched and becomes wavy and creased.

With HACOflex® - a combination of foam and nonwoven - you can counteract these undesirable effects. It is laminated onto the back of the natural material. The leather is not harmed, because the material can be laminated to the leather surface at temperatures as low as 90 degrees Celsius.  This minimises kinking points in the seat concave and loosegrain in the best possible way. Laminations are available in different thicknesses, so no additional padding material is needed.

We advise you comprehensively on which materials fit your requirements.

Fabric, microfibre and synthetic leather lamination.

In close cooperation with its customers, Ziegler is currently developing products that reliably minimise creases. They can be optionally further processed with adhesive lamination or flame lamination. Use for climate seats is possible without reticulated foam.

  • Fabric /microfibre lamination

A new generation of Ziegler nonwovens will make it possible to make the cover from a single variety and thus sustainably. Nonwoven thus replaces the commonly used foam lamination here. Designers will also be offered new design possibilities for 3D effects. The aim is to offer good upholstery properties, a perfect fit and different comfort standards at the same time.

  • Synthetic leather lamination

Some of the foam is replaced by recycled fibres for sustainability. HACOflex laminations for synthetic leather will allow an improvement in the upholstery properties, especially in concave areas.