Living is even easier with HACO products

Seating, mattresses and bedding improve quality of life when they combine quality factors such as temperature and humidity control or washability with contemporary and varied design.

HACO nonwovens offer the manufacturer, freedom of design and the satisfaction of assurance of all the quality features you want to offer your customers. When appropriately prepared they are also easy to work with in upholstery and to sew, even on narrow stitching machines. They can meet high fire safety standards, e.g. British standard 5852, DIN 4102 B1 and EN 13501 B d0 s1. They retain their volume and softness, have good spring-back characteristics and are easy to wash.

Use of the correct HACO nonwoven reduces creasing in upholstery and office seating and prevents fibre-escape. Mattresses, bedding and sleeping bags can be given hydrophilic or hydrophobic, antibacterial or thermo-regulating properties. One example is our Outlast® fibres which absorb, save and then release heat.

HACOflex® ,  HACOsoft® , HACOtex® and HACOlux® – Ziegler delivers solutions to meet your requirements.