Fibre composite materials

Composites unavoidable in ever more areas

More flexural strength, more tensile strength and lighter – these are the benefits of fibre-reinforced materials. They are used in aviation and space travel, in automotive industry, wind turbine plants and in the mechanical engineering industry. HACO nonwovens from Ziegler are also used for applications in ship building, construction and sports equipment.

For applications in visible areas, composites with smooth, even surfaces are wanted. This effect is achieved by Ziegler's surface nonwoven. HACO nonwovens drape well and can be used even in complex components. They ensure a uniform, homogenous surface. Other HACO nonwovens from Ziegler in turn ensure that the resin is evenly and fully distributed. This allows large components to be produced faster with Ziegler's PP-Core products. Good air circulation and absorption of excess resin is ensured by the use of breather nonwovens. Ziegler-nonwovens are used in the optimising of

  • infusion processes
  • vacuum-injection processes
  • autoclave technology
  • manual laminating
  • RTM

The use of polypropylene fibres and natural fibres in combination gives stability, flexural strength and impact strength with no added resin.

HACOloft® – has the perfect product variant for your composite production.