Optimum sound-proofing with HACO

Protection of resources, durability and recyclability are important attributes of modern building components. Open architecture requires good acoustic absorbers to prevent echoing.

Ziegler has addressed these complex requirements and developed an insulating material with excellent noise reduction values for interior damping. Planners and architects are thrilled with the results.

HACO insulating material is odourless and absorbs barely any humidity (< 1%). Its extremely good human compatibility is confirmed by the German Öko-Tex standard 100 class 1 certificate. Depending on density it can be soft and flexible or firm and inherently rigid. It can be manufactured in thickness of 20 to 200 millimetres and in specific gravities of 15 to 40 kilogram per cubic meter and supplied by the roll, sheet or individually cut to size.

A further development, particularly for the insulation of apparatus and machinery, is a self-adhesive acoustic absorber with a smooth surface to eliminate loose fibres.

HACObond®, HACOtex® and HACOloft® are highly-efficient acoustic-insulating materials.