Acoustics in the interior

Professional soundproofing in the vehicle

Peace and quiet in the vehicle is an important feature of high-quality car models. Car manufacturers and their 1st tier suppliers use Ziegler microfibre volume non woven for pleasant noise-optimised travel.

We rely on our HACOloft fleeces to fulfil acoustic  requirements. Lightweight yet with optimum absorption capacity, they perform outstandingly. They are supplied in white and anthracite, are thermo-formable and adapt to any shape. They can be treated to be water or oil repellent or given antistatic or antibacterial properties. They are odourless and environmentally compatible.

We can supply them on the roll or pre-cut to your specifications. Multi-ply structures are also possible as is lamination with materials of your choice including self-adhesive film.

HACOloft® - compact soundproofing solution.